When Finback Sang.

Please let me hear the once upon a time, tell me that tale again.

Of that billowing night when the Queen of Mermaids saved a lonely fisherman.

He had been lost at sea, washed far from shore.

Amid storms in his heart, cyclones endured long before.

She came to him, her blue eyes sparkled, he could not believe, wiping tear and salt from his sight, she was the most beautiful creature he had ever seen.

The Queen calmed the seas, her aura was angelic as if heaven and earth had made a face from someplace in between.

Her melodic voice filled the air like an aria of hope and enjoyment.

He was enamored by its tone and was filled with contentment.

She took his hand speaking gently and sure.

The fisherman experienced a feeling, he never knew before.

They flew beneath blue green waves with ease and grace.

Then they arrived at her home, known as Finback’s place.

It was decorated with love, wonderful flowering plants, and starfishes filled with desires.

It was an enigma, beneath but soaring, colors bright and lively, like shimmering besprent fires.

He met her Mermaid sisters and daughters all the time they clashed, regardless he loved all, then he smiled as they started to laugh and play.

The Queen urged the Finback to entertain with their songs, then some acrobatic swimming and breaching display.

It was time to eat, they sat dining on fresh crab salad and scallops beyond compare.

And mermaid champagne subtle in taste yet full, a gentle lift to help with his needed repairs.

The fisherman could have lived eternity there.

With Finback song resonating through watery air.

With a passionate kiss from Queens soft lips, the fisherman felt his heart and soul slip away.

She embraced his love and loved him too, but knew he could not stay.

She told him life is fleeting and meant to be enjoyed as much as endured.

Then he was alone again washing up onto the shore formed by a love he alone had implored.

With a flash of lightening his thunderous storm restored.

To this day the fisherman looks out upon the sea.

Wishes he could be something he will never be.

The fisherman tries to understand why his love for the Mermaid Queen was wrong, as he listens to his need for a Finback song.

Hear the Finbacks sing in harmony, their hopeful sonata soaring, then it seeps into the Queens space.

Mermaids have long since withdrawn their beauties a sweet memory, rekindled by bubbles rising, merely a trace.

Leaving the Queen and her world was the hardest thing the fisherman would ever do.

But when a mans withered heart is unrequited, he’s leaves alone the love that never grew.

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