as dragonfly wings

Hyacinth garden

Heartrending above me

clouds that hover cold and alone

I try on new wings

tender touches of a graceful state

whims of winds come find me again.

I rise, and fall

Or like waning moons

I have loved this way

Waves rip tide out to sea

and soon we were

taken under,

and it is not

that I measure days.

Nor attempt to bind

Or grasp

But your kisses penetrate

This I accept as true

your passionate touch

knowing fingers make me beg

my willing flesh

I wanted you so much.

Then with a mind that cannot mesh

Your love was not for me

I am of the prose the stanzas part

Scent of jasmine sweet

fragile as dragonfly wings

as expressions surpass,

a conspiracy of silence

and this is the meaning of my heart.

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