Sea Glass

Hyacinth garden

I am a dream of gentle wishes from seaborne lithesome zephyrs.

Like a masquerade where I find a clue.

I find my way to gems so true.

I see my sweet Atlantic dream deep green blue.

On the bottom swift in wash you slide.

Repeatedly in bonny blue you ride.

Glass smoothed like velvet by hungry sand and tides.

Rolling waves on through the wash that cleanses.

Bring your color to me in beautiful prism lenses.

All lay upon sandy shores like nature’s patens.

I see beauty in essence like hearts of light.

Shine for me in the deep dark of night.

Rough hue turns so bright.

Edges swallow pain.

Soon I am the winter’s rain.

Bursts cloud-cold unrestrained.

Like the foreign lover silently waits.

I am here with blind affection behind fallow winter's veil.

See the winter mists shift to the gray and the ice prevails.

Look deeply into the depths for the mermaid’s tail.

A Fantasy of the ebb tides in retreat.

These dreams leave a taste wispy of salty elixir on my lips, when sea glass is on my mind.

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