splendors conjured

Hyacinth garden

no one knows my secret place, in total seclusion from your world
twirl your paintbrush and color me with your splendors conjured

you plunged me into half-understood dreams wishing for your kisses
you thrust me into your love where your splendors conjured

like a chameleon you gripped my heart of collided desire
smile innocently, you were my sweet seductress of the dark in splendors conjured

in your eyes so blue, you often frightened off my phantoms
as an artist you painted reflections of splendors conjured

you were gray satin smoke with passions’ fire burning
my soul aches rawly for your art form of splendors conjured

with your images I saw pretty pictures of the way it could have been
you are my teardrops that cascade down without your splendors conjured

visible through my eyes as if one could lose the past
my heart speaks to you in silence, a consequence of splendors conjured

no one can last consumed with holding onto shadows
past memories seep through all that you were in splendors conjured

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