Whirl with dust

Hyacinth garden

Once upon a time, I loved her with fervor and she loved me.

One tireless love she poured at my feet, actions of unspoken words.

Might she have won me back to my peace?

Now I repulse all love.

A careless wretchedness rules me.

So the days drift by, and I stagger upon the sands.

The shelter of the rocks listens, as I watch waves and seagulls dip.

I am the man without an eager soul.

Alone in the dark many times without light I cling to forgiveness.

Her love a radiant thing, without shadows in her eyes.

I just exist like the sun and sky beside the shore.

My love of life has no heart as it did before.

Gone is my sunny smile, with aspect of light.

I have only the silent hours of the desperate night.

I walk in memory like a sweet dream that sparkled for a time.

I remember a day in winter when a miracle inspired love.

She was the wind I was the blue sky above.

Now leaves whirl with dust in silence.

Day slips into the dark night's sequence.

Once there was magic when we met.

I am under heavy tears beset.

Now when we speak as other folks do.

I cause no passion for you.

I am no longer special for you and I feel so blue.

This is my turnaround a specter of despair.

The summer's warmth is really iciness in the air.

In this place of confusion is where you will find me.

There is no splendor I am listless as the sea.

I am not dead.

I am barely alive.

I can not live.

I only survive

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