no white picket fences

Hyacinth garden

All the rigidities of my life

It happens to me again

me in my empty bed

If I was the dull symptom of your old "anxieties."

Woman , I abdicate

to you

I submit my sword

My olive branch

I am in defeat

If his love

gives you joy,

he melds in your dancing

She altered significantly her tone and mood from violet to red.

All the time I see her as purest pink rubbing wet velvet.

at times she cannot distinguish the dancer from the dance.

associates lust of joyous, animal abandonment,

she found our love

forbidden and thrilling

no white picket fences

I could never be yours.

me, I was only your lover,

never your husband,

even with any pleasing memory

I will never fill my void

from cold winter now, through flowers of spring,

out in summer rain until, my last winter again will bring.

the poems of all my lost hope,

how unlucky was I with roses,

in the end

I received only the prick of your thorn

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