next dream

Hyacinth garden

I pull at dark mantle string

light went to thoughts I sing

sidelong in nights of spring

to first mourning-dove

azure deep

sleep lyrically love

dream in the garden

along the way

inside of midnight’s glove

visions dance in cloyed lilac bush

a couple of hours within mild brown sea grass lush

touched by soft hand of gentle zephyrs’ hush

and the gesture of beauty in first windflower

rest may mean all and nothing in night’s bower

all and nothing within my dream’s star shower

each is free to plead

in nights array as heaven's clear moon display

do not melt away I call out my need

absorb some strawberry flavor’s fog

dance on billowy red clouds above

curling the rise of serene mist leaves me waiting

for sweet pine trees show

whisper of love imperfect and slow

as my lovers sweetly lay the lies that laid me low

in love-songs to mourning-dove

crimson tears that lost lovers weep

rose's perfumed breath responds a sigh so deep

lying down

try to catch a breath

need to dream again

as well as flourish

within abstract

winds recuperate once more

in the early spring night I am all wonder

this within my poetic dreams

how far to the poet's next dream

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