transient significance

Hyacinth garden

In search of benevolence I roam

somewhere extraterrestrial

when I meet


last night when I folded my eyelids

a morning dream

silver view of balmy rest

shadows of starlight seen

countless feelings fly around

light in the garden of air

flutter aloft in whispers my soul retires

I could hear your sweet voice calling my name

your gentle hand, so warm and tender

caressed my spine

I sighed in moments pleasure

longing for it to last forever

soon, I felt your breath upon my lips

as you lovingly kissed me so deep

stars won't give me the light to your love

evoked by my youthful thought

so that jewels arise

an ancient watcher

as is Aldebaran in the night’s sky

where I wanted to stay

yet, still above

you sent me away

clear night star soon enveloped

by clouds

in your eyes

disapproval salutes my attention without merciful sights

back on the ground to the rustling sounds

swaying trees, and rain

dawn's cold wind

for every touch pulled away

every smile missing

is without love’s provenance

like a dream woman’s transient significance

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