touched by time

Hyacinth garden

beautiful laughter makes spring green

to honor the arpent musing air shall we open each window

expressed to my evident eye that she is my May Queen

with lenience idolized from the familiar zephyr’s quid pro quo

those Shakespeare poems of summer moments on a center stage

sunshine and blue sky in a climax like slivers of a dream

all of the sounds were in the years my yearning words written on the page

still I recall past imageries of enchantment touched by times ripple in a stream

where summers pace too soon to erase onto another time and place

backward rush sweet joyful voice now time sadly reminds me that  one can only contemplate

essential to my beating heart the leaves falling behind color so high you can only face

these cycles of life within happiness and strife while the clock’s tick continues to berate

less than warm those cold winds blow onto morose winters

that those winds called to me last night, telling no color in remote distance

iced hand in an older man frosted pensive breath splinters

and life becomes impaired leaving behind the burning summers of my past essence

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