within passage

Hyacinth garden

sometimes love

kept so far apart

merely a heightened sense

unspoken desires of existence

need spirals into the gulf

ride the luffing waves

match the rhythm

of touch coveted

in sempiternal kisses

an immersed bliss

in seas’ storms, ecstasy of emotion in a vessel

wet and available

yet consummated pleasures

angels celestial

of honeysuckle and jasmine

enchantress sensual

with a soft nomad smile

treble for long awaited touch

wait unsated

the taste lingers

on the lips

and in the mind

too fragile from the start

the drum of passion

essence of all

flicker a single white candle

beyond vaporous vestments

the shadows caress the turns of her silk

she waits in hush

each tick of the clock

vies with the changeable night

does she sleep

on her inner softness

fantasy etched inside her soul

her dreams invaded

gently her tousled hair flies

within passage

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