Sojourners Style

Hyacinth garden

Once upon a time, I lived in stormy, stormy nights.

I was devoid of sight inside my hearts division.

I fought my self throughout, without revision.

I traveled back to memorable moments within loves' requited kiss.

I looked back at times of legendary graces, past the potent signs of bliss.

As if the storm outside my lost loves, became a wild ride.

View the heart of me, the idea of me crushed painfully.

I stumbled around my blindness within this raw heart of mine.

I came to realize that I needed to love me too.

I need to be my own savior, too savor the flavor of my goodness.

Out of the dark came a light, like a soft whisper to my heart.

I sought and I found my vision.

Spirits of heaven angel's light spread their wings.

Sheen of bright violet and green reflect gossamer organs of flight.

Tips of feathers brush tenderly against my skin.

I opened from the inside out; I let the healing begin.

Like the thrill of sweet kisses that refresh an anguished soul.

No longer the silent mourner, of heartache and heartbreak.

I let my love radiate from every corner of my heart and my smile.

All the while, mile after mile in my sojourners style.

To all, there is light and warmth from this heart of mine.

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