A Beautiful Demise

Hyacinth garden

At the edges of desperate manipulation stormy tides wash the sea at night.

Waves and the wind scream across dunes, as the sounds of thunder booms in jagged lightning’s light.

Yes, see the eye of the storm, a violent eye, which will wink at you as the eddy of whirlpools churn.

In unison like lovers groan and sigh, poetics tormented by stormy rains where arms and limbs never return.

It begins as an under tow to pull you down, waves and me dance like something entwined lovers might share.

In the depths of darkness on lonely nights I taste the salty seas my tears only repair.

An essence of ambrosia, an ebb flow that will rise and swell.

To capture this sweet reprise my soaked skin and labored breath will tell.

My spirit mingles with the seas, in my tears we embrace.

Appreciate the beauty as I disappear beneath the deep without a trace.

I am drowning in the misty to explore where desire lies.

Look deeply inside my watery eyes, and learn of my beautiful demise.

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