negotiate a connection

Hyacinth garden

see the bejeweled sky above the provoked city

the stars are razor-sharp as gems momentarily

to end breathlessly and vanquished

that weary sound crushed my scorched lips

the stars heat envelopes me they are witnesses to my plight

disappointed with illusions opened to my sight

as I close my eyes to old proprieties

unshielded they glare back at me

without solace they rob my senses from secrecy

giant whispers roam through my insides

I interpret twists of fate

my mind opens to lessons not yet learned

fumes of hot scents entice innocuous poems

they melt within me a cascade of bewildered weakness

where did the good dreams go?

when I dreamed

of cool sanctuaries

tropical islands

oceans of emerald

teeming with life

not these long dark nights

avalanches of crumbled dreams at my feet

I never knew I had emotions

can I make them vanish?

they shadow me from time to time . . .

directions to rash conclusions and convulsive rest

I have already seen my energy become powerless

inexplicable dreams invaded by amber flashes

images ensconce my energid

for me beneath my lids

tired of investigation

of tallies without guidance

me and my travail within stardust

follow my travels in comets’ tails

significant in heights to the edge

while I negotiate a connection to heaven

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