a dream redeemed

Hyacinth garden

we had all summer it is a melody I hear her sing

maybe loneliness reminds me of something

nightingale pace in time with the moon

though I hear her sing my name too soon

I discover the wind is a song

as if bound by time I hear it all night long

like a waves white noise which is inquisitive

still dreams of love linger through perspective

the moon flowers, are crazy and say yes to anything

even when love is horse and cannot sing

it’s alright, it’s alright

to make the expected right

in the imagery of the night

poems surge with syllable delight

sing of love when voices embrace

echo together, face to face the paths can retrace

arranged on unending lace

breathe in the scent of love to its deepest place

whispers in the ear only to please

pulled into your mysteries

panting answer to my heart

any place is a good place to start

touch and slowly undress

your supple body I caress

given over to lust

charged with stolen trust

dizzied in a spin

it might be ending so let it begin

entangled in human desire

float upon a divine river of fire

this is our nature entwined we mesh

flesh answers to flesh

left this way to motion to petals on a flower

and the lover who will empower

the leaves of autumn learn the lesson of gentleness

like a dream redeemed as the full September moon sets

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