live to love

Hyacinth garden

I am alone tonight

it seems to me intrinsic and classic

I am without any spite

as I search above

winds of the satin indigo sky

there my stars are flickering candles light

while, I sail supra at the marshes briny shore

I do this

to love

I know that I can

by all that is viewed in my minds eye

evidenced in the supine words that ensue

love lasts eternally and its incarnation is permissive

if only momentarily in review

by the woman in the moon, sweet lady of my missive

still I sail supra, while she creates our close rapport

I do this

for love

through my prism

I face destiny


my poems


my written memories

satin indigo winds return, so I can sail supra

living this poem through, the passages and transitions of my life

I do this

so, I can love

the ancient one comes alive

I dream awake

peace in my heart

at rest is my soul

I exist to love

so too, I love to exist

I live to love

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