The Fascination of Paradise.

Hyacinth garden

While unconscious not fully engaged with subject and language as poems flash.

An alluring surrender in night’s dark velvet puts you under a spell.

Hypnotized burned inside eternal gift drink up the liquid iron morning.

The adoring vow of her divide protests, faint whispers of love, into pastel agony.

After the veil, lament rises and dust clouds torture the fragments.

Taste salted traces like tears, glances from unloving eyes.

Borne by methods of orientation only a small amount deflects.

Soft feathers descend unruffled swiftly from dark angels unseen.

Like a heart expands and contracts and doldrums speed into light.    

Where warmth bends cold, it is not a place tranquil in the fascination of Paradise.

So sweetly, I kiss you lover I will grasp your soul.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

if not for her favorite mistake

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