A trip

Hyacinth garden

There is never just one-way to get from here to there.

Sometimes, the best way is the least obvious.

Destinations not marked on a map, or plotted with GPS.

Navigate me, my beauties, stay with me on this journey.

Take to the road any road.

It leads to a different road then to a byway.

Maybe take a short cut in an alleyway.

Take the long-way or a detour.

I like the long-way.

I have traversed many passages there are countless different paths.

My feet step on city streets or through the deep dark wood.

See my beauties, yours too, these all, the tall trees or skyscrapers.

Favorites to me wildflowers you see.

Wild phlox they dance, where the White Oak sink.

They dance off the beaten path.

Display blooms there in a pose.

Proliferate beginnings, that flurry and twirl.

Clear images capture me.

The wind blows the blooms rather harsh.

However, all things I like will stay with me on my journey.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

what a long strange trip it's been

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