the river within

november 2010...

within the flow, of the river inside me,

red roses grow, like a dark woods to hide me.

timmering tons tangle like tangling tons of tim,

a little love locked up in a chest, and the lights are kind of dim,

you can't really see the nest, but you feel it within.

that's why i scream your name, it's why you scream mine,

alone, we're a zig zag zoo, but together, a perfect line.

if i was made just for you, and you were made for me,

we must have followed a path, we could not even see.

trust in this water, you don't have to know how to swim,

i'll be right beside you, but more impotantly, within.

the key to the chest was placed, in such a simple space,

for time is not a waste, but more of a high speed chase.

and when i scream your name, i can feel you in my heart,

i'm not sure where this will end, but this is where it starts.

i can't get out what's stuck inside me, it's almsost a sin,

it must be forever, so deep inside, the river flowing within.

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