Walking Away


I'm stranded in the island

of your love

I am fuming inside

About to burst like the

volcano that I am

Desperate hour

Apocalypse is near

Tired of pleasing you

I climbed through every vine

in the jungle of ours

until I finally fell

Hard to walk away

from something so familiar

Tired of watching the same horizon

the same make-believe sunset

I'm dying to see mystery

Forever yearning for the stars above

You stole what I'm all about

I danced through a field

and fell within

I didn't want to rise

So swallowed

Shut my eyes

I was my own

I loved you with all

when I had nothing

And now that I have all

I feel nothing

The wind's so powerful

Feeling like the eye of a hurricane

peaceful and chaos around me

Have to keep walking....


from you

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