Where Have My Friends Gone?

I'm alone

Searching for my friends

My body's rocking back and forth

Like a lonely boat in the sea

I actually told a friend

what I really felt

and he sighed,

threw it back at me,

did not say a word.

I wanted to scream,

I still want to cry

My brain's about to explode!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The silence spears

into what's left of my heart

Taking for granted

robbing pieces of me

and throwing them back

when they're not needed

I disappear when all is well

Nothing's well with me

but they do not bother

Wishing a cold hotel room

Drowning my mobile

speaking of my sorrows

to bedsheets

Let this be forever

teaching them a lesson

that I'm not going to

be around for long

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is to my friends.. I know some of them will get mad or hurt of what they read, but its sometimes what I feel... you know who you are.

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