Poems dedicated

A family portrait broken

Begging for the past

to repaired

Longing for a life taken from me

I'm the wounded man that

fights all his life

To never receive what he most needs

Years are coming slower

Barely know how tomorrow will treat me

Long hours on the job

Memories surrounding me

Ripping my heart to pieces

I'd get down on my knees

and beg for all of you

and the past back

For me to fix

and change it all

I want you all


Instead of these

bittersweet memories

Author's Notes/Comments: 

The title "#181" is about this poem being my 181st poem.  I wrote this poem about my real father.  I saw him today.  I looked in his eyes with what I've learned all these years and I realized how much it hurt him that we aren't family anymore.  I really couldn't think of a title.  I'm in tears now just thinking about him... Anyway enjoy this poem.  For the people who have their family intact, good for you.  For families separated, I know how you feel.  Everything will be alright in the long run.  Thanks for reading this.

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