Pieces of Me


Days go by...

so long,

Time has done me...

so wrong,

Pieces of me...

are now broken,

My heart...

taken for your token,

Can't there be some way

to let you know

how these pieces of me

are now gone with you.

This feeling is so true that

I've kept to myself...

A feeling I've had so long

and now...

it's gone... with you.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This poem was inspired by my dear friend Mel and her crush... I'll miss the talks we've had about him because now that he's gone, there's nothing more to say.... GOOD LUCK IN VICTORIA, TX, LAWRENCE!

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angelfairy212003's picture

Awww mel!!! This poem is so perfect!! I really do feel like a part of me is gone with him...thanks for writing this....