Thoughts, Thoughts, Thoughts

Have you ever wanted someone so bad that it hurts your heart to even push it away?  Does it hurt you when all that you love is questioned by a single moment?  Would you cry for the purest, happiest moment?  Would you make love to a person and not regret it because of who they are?  Have you looked at your life and realized you are wasting your time?  Do you look at your family and ask yourself, do I want one of my own?  Are you happy with the person you're with?  Do you believe in true love?  What is the ultimate betrayal to you?  Do you think you can live forever and remain happy?  Have you known someone for a few hours and feel like you've known them for a long time?  Would a kiss change your whole view of things?  Does music affect your decisions in life?  Do you sometimes wonder if he had not died, that things would have been easier?  Does it sometimes occur to you that it may in fact be your fault?  Where are you going from here?  Does sex really matter in a relationship?  Who is really your best friend?  Do you think about the people that were lost?  Do you dreams of dreams that you wished would happen?  Could you always trust your heart?  What matters the most, your feelings or his?  If you died, who would go to your funeral?  If there was a moment so unforgettable, what was it?  Would you remember?  Do you have confidence in yourself?  Are you thinking if he loves you?  Do you sometimes just not want the relationship and just want sex?  Is money important to you?  If money would not exist, would the world be a better place?  Is this really love?  Could you love a baby that you just barely met?  Have you ever wondered who would actually be the one for you?  Would a slow dance help relieve the pain?  Do ghosts actually feel what you are feeling?  Is there really someone watching over us?  Do you sometimes think about the day you're going to die?  Have you ever thought about someone and notice they're standing in front of you the whole time?  Are you a good person?  Is your pride getting in the way of things?  Do you pray as often as you should?  Is there really a devil?  Who is my guardian angel?  Would life be different without me in it?  Could time relieve the greatest pain?  Would a hug relieve the biggest tragedy?  Could strangers actually love each other? Is it really that hard to get over someone or is it just really the habits that you can't get over?  Do you sometimes listen to music and finally find the answer?  Are drugs really helpful?  

And finally, do you ever wonder if you're fucked up?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Sometimes I just wonder all these things when a very personal thing happens to me.

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