A mist of darkness hovering over me.

My black cloud following me wherever I may go.

An anger that will not be replaced.

A memory that's not obscured.

Where am I in this dark tunnel?

Am i in the beginning or in the end?

I want to be fairly in the beginning.

I know I can't stay there forever.

It's a step worth dying for.

I don't want to be towards my end.

Where am I going in this life?

Am I going towards an unhappy or happy one?

Can't shed my tears no more.

There's room for true expression.

The expression to be alive.

To walk and not faint.

Who have I hurt throughout my journey?

Are they still hurting?

This burden is wearing me down.

I'm sorry.

It was a part of living my life.

A part of it that I won't turn back to.

Who am I living for?

What am I getting out of it?


My future.

My children.

The love.

My memory.

My soul.

My heart.

My entire being.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Worth a try, isn't it?

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