There Is More

So many tears that are now lost,

which in substitute could've been laughter.

Was I a lost case to many?

Buried in a dark hole below and having

to climb out of it.

There was no telling how deep this hole was.

But I came out of it on my own.

No heartbreak could bring me down.

There was no anger more evil than mine.

Adding onto the evil in the world, I came out of it.

Bring light that should shine.

There are no goodbyes.

There is no deeper depression that could overcome me.

No devil could make me turn my back.

There is no hate here.

Only love.

Yes, there are many fights.

But there is one fight worth winning.

Many years have come and gone.

Many that have been surely wasted.

Many minutes that were consumed by darkness.

Many days in evil hibernation.

No forgetting is needed here.

Only moving on with the good.

And there is more to live for.

More that I forgot about.

But that I've become to remember.

No darkness can shut me out.

There is no goodbye.

Only to what was hurting.

And now... make way.

There is no stopping me now.

There is happiness that I will not let go.

There is laughter yet to laugh about.

There is love yet to be given out and recieved in return.

There is more yet to come...

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