It's 5 in the morning and

my eyes can't close.

As I'm here writing...

searching for you.

I look for you in every song.

In every poem I write.

In every tale that I share.

Where are you?

Why can't I find you?                          

In the rain I hear my voice...

calling for you.

Are you happy with what you have?

Can you hear me thinking of you?

My heart has cried for what

couldn't have been.

This is something that can never be.

Am I not what you yearn for?

Do you have your needs complete?

I know your simple joys, your cares,

your tales, your eyes....

When you see the rain, those are

my very tears...

those tears that are tired

of falling from my eyes.

I feel you, even though you are not there.

I hear you because you are in my mind.

My eyes are slowly growing weak.

I couldn't find you.

I am here waiting for you.

My constant battles cannot be

conquered without you.

Help me find my way to my sleep.

But you will be in my dreams.

But let me have my peace

and rest tonight, my love.

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