Remember September

Dark days took the real me

I kept banging my head against the wall

Asking why.. why.. why....

Staring at countless oozing of a lava lamp

Didn't really know what happened after that

There was an innocence that existed

and I saw it in his eyes

Wishing people could've seen what I saw that day

There's this reality that I can't come to terms with

That really no high can help me escape from it

A porch of sadness, my loft of madness

I slowly stopped asking 'why'

Looked out the window of falling tears

and realized he was really gone

This grief can never be understood

Nor forgotten

But a grief so huge can stop a life from moving on

I looked around

and I saw that it happened to me

All I can remember from that September

was that a chapter ended

Took a while for a new one to begin


it has begun

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Remembering my stepdad before his 5 yr. anniversary 9/14/06

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