Don't Fight With Me Baby


Honey don't take your shoulder away from

Come back

I love you

Don't want to fight nor argue

I'm just frustrated that I love you so

Please don't give up me and you

Talk to me don't close the

Door to our future

Let me say I'm sorry and that I love you

Hold onto me

We can do it

I can't stand to scream at

You, my love

It's not over in my heart

This is not okay

but I hope that we have hope

for ourselves.

I know we're difficult,

but the love is stronger

I love you

Can't stand to be away from you

I might be frustrated in days

when you're always with me

But it's the love getting

bigger than the size of my heart

I'm sorry

and my heart is too

Give me your hugs and kisses

I'm sorry

I love you

I'll never get away from you

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Ugh... guess who this one was for.. if you said Lorenzo, then you're probably right.

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