Pregnant Man (Response to Oprah Segment Aired in 2008)

AAS155, 12PM

Prof. Singhasri

April 11, 2008

Extra Credit: Response to “Pregnant Man” (Oprah)


Change the World


Throughout history, science has been useful in fighting various ailments and recently, its technology has created controversy and raised the question of “how much is too much?” In the segment, “Pregnant Man” from Oprah, Thomas formerly a Tracy, a transgender male is pregnant. The issue over this unconventional idea can be difficulty for the majority of the public to digest because it is abnormal and ethically wrong to use technology for this manner.


Before the story made it to headlines, Thomas decided to inform his neighbor, George that he was pregnant, not his wife. Appalled, George described it as being “kind of sexually dyslexic for [him] to put it together” (Oprah). While it is baffling to find a pregnant male with the exception of sea horses, others have not gotten used to the idea. Some, however, may argue that it is “sick” but this is America. Our founding fathers drafted the constitution to maintain peace, order, security, and most importantly: the rights of individuals.


On the other side of the argument is that technology should only be used for technical purposes only. Any use beyond its original intentions should be considered morally wrong because this is toying with Mother Nature. Thomas may look like a man on the outside but his internal organs are feminine. The definition for “female” and “male” then are invalid in some cases, depending on one’s definition of the two.



In conclusion, Thomas stated that “everyone should have their own baby” (Oprah). I would agree. However, the main concern is if the baby will turn out normal and if he or she will be ridiculed later on in life after students find out that it was the father who gave birth.  

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This was an extra credit response paper I did in my Asian American Studies Freshman Composition Class Spring 2008 semester of my college career. It addresses some transgender issues, the constitution, etc in one page. Let me know in the comments if I should post any more of my "prose" (aka response papers from this course). Overall, it was a fun course and I learned a lot.

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