A Dream beyond Reach July 5, 2005

A Dream beyond Reach July 5, 2005

Verse1: I close my eyes…
Envisioning all
That surrounds me…
A dream beyond reach,
Deepening within
The void of my heart.

Chorus: Thoughts fleeting across my mind
(A mantra in hand, signified).
After-images that never seem to wash away.
(A silent breeze shall do it justice).
If nothing shall come of it,
Then why shall I just go on putting a mask
To disguise the apparent dissatisfaction
Present and lingering within me?!
(Logic for which is transferred from
Across the other side).
Loneliness ain’t a problem for me.
Then why, why must the prevailing
Thought and sense be equivalent
To that of being lonely atop
Presumes to be a constant and
Never-ending dream beyond reach?

Verse2: Even a fanciful dream beyond reach
Satisfies one’s cure for isolation.
A feeling of depression,
Lingering in the air…
“If one shall succeed, then
One must sacrifice optimism for
A dream beyond reach”.
(Throw away optimism for pessimism)…
“If one shall fail, then one is
Being too overly confident”.
(Let go of pride and optimism
To let pessimism prevail).
Optimism leads to failure.
Will you whisper a philosophy into my ear?

Bridge: A wise prophet once informed me
Of these sad and depressing realities of life.
(The facts of life, if I’m not mistaken)…
It just took me a while to figure out just
Where the underlying causes for the sad
And depressing truth shines true.
Will the illumination beyond the tunnel
Be sufficient enough for the navigation
Of a dream beyond reach?
A moment for which,
The world currently resides.
Will you whisper a philosophy into my ear?

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