Isolation 1-11-04

Isolation 1-11-04

Before you go on feeling sorry for yourself

I’m here for you as a friend

To catch you, if you fall

I’m there for you

To let you know you’re not alone

For, you are not alone

Do not think you alone...

Can’t find a way to make things right

If you think that, then you’re never going to get your goals accomplished

If it’s all it takes to make you happy

Then, go out and get it done

Instead, of waiting for a miracle to happen

Phenomenon comes about if you make them happen

There’s something in the air holding you back from changing

Don’t get discouraged and feel remorseful for yourself

Which reminds me...?

If you feel frightened and abandoned

Broken down by life

Lost and confused in what to do

Just learn by heart, your friends are there to help you

Take into consideration

Your companions have been with you every step of the way

Helped you in your time of need

They were there for you when you needed them most

As many times as they’ve facilitated you in reassurance...

Always remember to learn to appreciate all that they’ve done for you

Before they come and go

Please realize this...

They’d like to see you happy

If you’ll just do as you say you’re going to do

Don’t be a hypocrite

Keep this in mind...

Seeing you happy would brighten up your friends’ days

And brings a smile to their faces. For, you now know that you’re not alone.

Before you go on feeling regretful

Commit to memory, how lucky you are to have those friends

For, they try to help and encourage you to get things done

Try to understand what’s going on in your life

Recognize your thoughts and feelings

Offer and give you advice

For you to get your hopes completed

Which reminds me and brings me to my conclusion...?

Those who aided in your time of depression

Are content with which they are and just want you to be pleased with yourself

The wise thing to do is to learn from them

For, they can teach you to believe in yourself more

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for a friend...

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