Untitled 12/23/03

Untitled 12/23/03

Will you be there by my side?

When the missing pieces of life

Gets put back into place

The way it was, before you left...

A puzzle of lifer perfectly into place

After your departure

The mystery of life came loose and unbound

Now that you’re here to aide me

The dilemma of reality is back into its rightful place

So, tell me why are we distant associates?

Does it have to be this way?

Do we have to be out of reach from each other?

What is it that we both fear will happen to us?

One way or the other, will we end up like this?

In the midst concern of your gaze and the persistence in your voice

I can tell from your façade

You’re trying to reach out to me and lend a helping hand

Everything that you’ve done and said

Clearly shows through

For that, it’ll always be kept deep within my heart

Now, I understand what I must do to give back all you’ve done for me

I must return the favor back to you

Someday and somehow, my deeds will show through you

You’re all that I need

To make life worth living for

You make my existence complete

You are my reason for living today

Whenever you are with me

Slowly and surely, a piece of reality

Gets put into its rightful place

I comprehend now, what I must do

It is my will to fulfill it

The day we first met

It was all awkward

Back then, I ignored and avoided you

I pushed and shoved you away from me

I take in my mistakes and realize the friendship you’ve tried to offer to me

That you were trying to be my companion

Even though, we know each other

It doesn’t mean we’re friends

We’re out of touch and out of reach

I realize this is what I must try to change and improve

So that, we can talk and chat with each other

Be more open, honest, and truthful with each other

Live and learn from the heart

This is just the beginning of our amity together

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