If and when

You finally feel that

You’ve followed your heart and

Listened to your inner voice

To make all this happen

A dream comes true

I’ll be standing there with open arms

Smiling at you

For that, you have created your own dreams

Instead of following others

I’ll truly be deeply happy for you

As long as you are happy and

Am in control with yourself and

Everything else that life brings

I’ll always be with you every step of the way

Life brings us many questions

So, that someday in our lives

When we all reach that certain point in our lives

Where we’ll find the answers to our questions

This’ll take time and patience

So, be patient, gentle with yourself, and

Simply, just listen to your conscience and what it tells you

Be happy and content with who your are

Be content with life

Don’t let it slip away from you

‘Cause when you do, you’ll end up regretting it

Life is too precious to lose

Hold on to it

Follow your heart and where it takes you

You’ll never see what you can truly be

Never see or reach your ultimate potential

Life is about taking chances

Seizing the opportunity to make it all happen and

To be doing the best at what you desire to do

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