Drifting Away

Drifting Away

I let my doubts and fears get to me

I let them get the best of me

I was scared to see

Our friendship together

I realized that it brings me down

Knowing that I’m not taking the time

Like I’ve always wanted to in my mind for so very long

To take the time and really get to know you and all your friends better

There are many people out there like you

Who wants to be my friend?

By showing that you care, look out for me, and help me with anything

That I need help on

You all were always there for me

No matter who or what I am?

Deep down, it was I

Who was the one missing out on many great and wonderful things in life?

By not taking my time and your time to really to get know y’all better

Let me know that you want to get to understand me better

I’ll understand and I’ll take my time to understand you too

I feel like I’m drifting away from you

I’m lost and confused in what I want

I’m being content with myself

What I don’t see

Is why I can’t take the time to step outside of that box?

That’s keeping me away from the greater and better things in life

I now can say that

I have learned that

I truly am missing out on life

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