The Need To Belong

The Need To Belong

I feel the need to belong

I let my desires get the best of me

I changed who I am

Just to please others

When it was I,

Who wasn’t satisfied and proud of me?

I left the people

That I truly value

Behind in the dust

I let my true friends slip away

I let my life slip away

I let everything

That I once was in control of

Slip away from me

I lost it all

When I wasn’t myself

I tried to please others

When it was I,

Who played the fool?

I got used and burned out

I let everything go

I felt the need to belong

That strong desire inside of me

Waiting patiently to burst out

For that one chance

For me to make a jackass of myself

Without even knowing it

Until it was too late

In that process

I lost most of my friends I valued

Ones that I’ve worked hard

For our friendship(s)

To be based on truth, honesty, trust, loyalty, and meaningfulness

I’ve worked hard to achieve all this

Yet in the end, I lost it all

For playing the pitiful fool

I changed myself for others

The one thing I couldn’t change

Is who I am at heart?

I can change my friends

But, I can’t change my emotions and thoughts on how I still feel for them

It’s controllable, but still, I feel the need to belong

Author's Notes/Comments: 

i used my imagination and came up w/this

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