Look upon the darken sky

Without a star lit sky in sight

There is no sighting of light

At the end of the pitch black tunnel

Where it’ll end and lead

No one really knows

All that’s left behind

Is the darken past you’ve put behind you and

The darkness at the end of the tunnel

You can change your identity

But, you can’t change who you used to be

You can renew and re-discover yourself and

The life you’ve left behind long ago

The only thing we can’t change is the past

Everything that has happened after we left it behind us

You can put the past behind

But, you can’t prevent it from being resurrected

From the darkest light

We’ll find a way out of here, together

Put our differences and past aside us

Moving on with our lives

We’ve grown accustomed to being great friends

Don’t panic

Just calm down, stay cool, and relax

We’ll find a way out of here no matter what…

We survived, after all

Didn’t we?

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