All A Dream

All A Dream

Was this all a dream?

I think to myself

“Can this really be happening?”

I’m laying here dying

Soaked in my own puddle of blood

The life in me

Starts to slowly yet quickly die inside and

Flash right before my very eyes

From the accident that had happened

Without a sighting of anyone coming to my aid

The least they can do is dial 9-1-1

Stay by my side until the ambulance and paramedics arrive at my aid

Wait, I’m at my friend’s house for a party…

I’m not breathing nor am I living.

I’m getting the life sucked right out of me.

“Rush me to the hospital, quick!” I think to myself.

Just don’t stand there, do something!

Your own dear friend is dying before your very eyes and

You’re not even going to do a damn thing about it!?

What kind of friend are you?

Some friend you are

Just don’t stand there

The least you all could do

Is just not watching in shock and bewilderment

Your own friend’s life wasting away

Laying here, unconscious

I’m slowing dying and losing my life

While everyone but my one friend

Witnesses the horror of my life wasting away

My eyes are shut

There’s no sign of any movement from me

She’s doing all she can to save me

She wants me to live

She needs the cooperation of others

But, they won’t do a damn thing about it

They all just stand there speechless

Watching me die right before their very eyes

My friend by my side starts sobbing and crying over my sudden yet unpredictable death

“Are you all happy now?”

“Our dear friend is dead!”

“How can you all do this to her after all she’s done for us?”

“Just look at the pain and sorrow, we’re going to be causing for everyone that knew her.”

“We killed our own friend!”

“How can we all live with ourselves knowing that we’ve all killed a wonderful and great friend?”

“How must we go on like this?”

“Just watch, we all sooner or later will deeply regret it.”

“Well, I hope y’all happy now!”

“Our friend is dead!”

“I hope y’all get what you deserved.”

You’ll regret it later on.

I know you will.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

a dark poem i wrote. i guess... enjoy it...

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