Hold Fast

Hold Fast

Hold fast

Don’t procrastinate and get sidetracked…

Grab hold onto your dreams and values in life

While you still can

Don’t give up on them without a fight

Stand up for all that you believe in

Don’t ever let someone else take control of your life and

The choices that you make

Hold fast and think ahead of the future

It’s okay to think ahead

You’ll be one step ahead of others and

Accomplish more in your life than you’d ever imagined

Hold fast

Thinking of all that you’ve been through

Makes me feel grateful for the life I live now

At the same time, it hurts my heart deep down

To know that there are people

Living a far worse life than I do

These days, it’s hard enough to make money and provide ourselves with it

The painful experiences that you face are like this

It kills me to know that you’re too far out of my reach

So, I can try my best and put some effort into helping you out

I’ll always be there for you

No matter what the future ahead of us unfolds to be

So, hold fast

Sit back and try to believe that things are going to work out just fine

Look back, relax, and breathe easy

Don’t thrive under pressure

It just makes things worse

Do and plan ahead of time

So, you can have time to just hang out and do more things in your spare time

You won’t learn a thing if you just cram everything into your head at the last moment

Be patient and wait a while

New things and adjusting takes the time

It’ll all be worth the time in the end

‘Cause you learned something

I’ve learned to just not cram everything into my head

But, just listen, pay attention, and ask questions

On things I don’t quite yet understand

Do the same

So, you won’t ever forget all that you’ve learned

Sure, it may be useless in life

But, it’ll be useful on important tests and

All these things you need to know to get into college

Look out

There’s someone reading your thoughts and

Watching your every move

They are hidden within your shadows and

That of others, too

Don’t let him get to you

He’s just there to make you make the wrong choices

Ignore it and just let it go

Just follow your heart and where it leads

Listen to your conscience

Be unpredictable and stop that inner voice

That is keeping you

From achieving your ultimate potential

It’ll all be worth the fight in the end

Don’t worry or waste your life away

You’d be glad you didn’t

Sit tight and hold fast

Before you know it

Life will be over already

Author's Notes/Comments: 

started this a while bak..but never really finished it til now..

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