Lost Light

Lost Light

Caught myself in this world

Filled with lies

I lost myself

In the transitivity

That I once thought

Of as my home

In search of the lost light

I found myself

In that trance of light

Losing sight of all

That I used to value

Searching blindly through the dark

I’ve searched through everything

I’ve sacrificed everything

I’ve done all that I can do

Just to be here today

Through the dark

I never saw

What was coming of me?

Here I am

Caught in between

All the lies

The world has given me

I lost myself

In the dark, a while ago

I let it go

And here I am today

Wishing with all my might

Waiting for a wish that’ll never come true

Here I am

Left with nothing at all

But my hopes and dreams

So, here I am

Waiting foolishly

All this time

For a miracle that’ll never happen

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