In Your Eyes

In your eyes

In your eyes

I can see the missing pieces

That has been missing my whole life

*You’re the only one

Who can truly understand me and

Help me get my life back on track

You make my life complete

** There is just something about you

That just makes you different…

From every one of my friends

There’s just something about you

That just makes me…

Want to let everything all out

‘Cause I know…

You can help me get through this

You are everything

That I’ve always wanted…

A friend for life

In your eyes

I can see my future in an instant

It may seem crazy

That I can see everything…

That I’ve always dreamed of doing…

My whole life in an instant…

My dreams have come true…

In your eyes

I can see…

That all the shit I’ve been through my whole life

Has only made me stronger, both inside and out

I know that somehow…

Everything is going to be alright

When I’m with you

You are everything to me

A friend for life


Author's Notes/Comments: 

old song i wrote for a friend....

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