All my life

All My Life

Been dreaming of this day

For so very long

To be able to live out my dreams

Until the day, I finally realized…

That I needed you

As a friend for life

*there’s so much you don’t know about me

I know you did your best to understand me

When I finally realized

That you were a “true” friend to me

I started opening up to you

Telling you what’s been on my mind lately

Spoke my mind with you

You always helped me no matter what

**All my life

I’ve dreamed that there’ll be someone

Who seems to really understand me?

Better than anyone else would

Someone who can seem to read my mind

Helped me get through life in one piece

Told me to just hold on and

Everything will be alright

Stuck by my side

When I needed you there the most

Never backed down on anything

That I believed in

Just made me feel…

That somehow, everything’s going to be alright

I’ve finally found someone close to me

The only one who can truly understand me?


Author's Notes/Comments: 

old poem/song i wrote for a friend...

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