Am I waiting for something that never will be?

Or am I waiting for you to help get me out of here?

And save me from the person I don’t ever want to be

So here I am, laying here

Right before your eyes

Waiting for you to grab hold of me and

Relinquish all the anger and pain

I’ve felt inside of me and what I thought was never real…

Has all come to life in reality

It is what it is…

So, now what do I do to get out of this god forsaken place?

Where do I go from here?

I just don’t want anyone to feel sorry for me

‘Cause it was my choice to be the person I am today

I still have some things to fix, improve, and change for myself deep down

Just give me some time and space

Let me renew and rediscover myself regularly

That is all I need

Some time to do some soul searching of my own and

Follow my heart to my destiny and where it takes me

To find the answers to my questions

So, will you the there waiting for me?

Will you be the one to catch me, when I fall?

Or are you the type of person that won’t do a thing to help me?

Though, you know what I’ve been going through…

Will you even try and put some effort into helping me at all?

‘Cause here I am, waiting all this time

Just for you to see another side of me

Have I been waiting all this time just to find nothing at all?

Have I been searching blindly for so very long that I didn't get to see what was truly coming for me?

Have I been waiting all this time and searchig blindly for the light at the end of the tunnel that i was the one ending up being in the darkest light?

All I am and

All I’ll be

Is all up to me

Been waiting patiently all this time

For this day to finally come true

The day that I truly discovered all the answers to my questions and

To find the true meaning of my life and the purpose of it

So, here I am

Not waiting anymore for a miracle to happen

Here I am living out all my dreams and desires

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