In Control

In control

For once in my life

I’d like to think once and for all

That I’ve got everything in my life under control

My values and dreams all figured out, just like that

But I don’t have everything that quite figured out, just yet…

No. Not just yet, not right now

But someday and somehow

I’ll manage to keep myself true to my heart and true to my values in life

All I have to do is to keep being true to my heart and true to my values in life

And I’ll be able to create my own dreams and make them all come to life, one day

I know that in order for me to achieve all this

I’ll have to learn how to create them, one by one

Step by step, I’ll be one step closer…

Into making all this become reality

Waiting to be bought back to life

It won’t all just seem like a dream to me anymore

But, it’ll seem more like I’m living out all my dreams

All my values in life are kept deep within me

Deep within my heart, I know what I what in life

And I’m not afraid to take risks

To make all this seem nothing more than just a mere dream

I’ll prove everyone wrong, that I can truly do everything…

That I desire to do

At the same time, I’ll be true to myself and my heart

I’ll always keep my values true to myself and deep within my mind all the time

‘Cause it all helped me got to where I wanted to be in life

Careful planning and deep thought

Helped keep me true to my heart and my values in life

It helped guide me to create my own dreams, instead of following others

And doing as I’m told

Would get me nowhere

‘Cause I wasn’t being true to myself and heart

For once in my life

I feel as if I’m in control of everything

I feel safe and secure

I’m more confident in everything that I do

Most of all

For once in my life

I’m more happier and more persistent than ever

Author's Notes/Comments: 

well..i wrote this song...i reached deep within my heart and thoughts and here's what i came up w/ for 2day..

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