All the pressure coming from everyone

Should just push me

To strive towards excellence

Do bigger and better things

It should all just…

Push me to become better at everything

From messing up too much and

Not trying to learn from all the mistakes

I’ve made before

I just don’t trust myself with things

Never had any self-confidence nor believed…

Deep down of myself

Everyone says I can do it

But, I’d like to believe once and for all

Not yet, not now

I just don’t know if I truly can or not

I’m just pessimistic about things

I never seem to be optimistic about anything at all

Being perky just isn’t me

I’m like a negative person

One who’s always expecting the worse to happen?

Am convinced that the worse is yet to come

‘Cause I let it happen…

I just aren’t challenged enough on things

It all seems like a piece of cake to me

There just seems like there’s nothing…

That I can just set my mind to and believe I can truly do it

I guess my heart just isn’t into it as much as it was before

It’s not my fault my heart isn’t into it anymore like it used to be

I just have been through a lot in my life

That made me even more uncertain of whom I want to be in life

Where I want to be in life

It all made me wonder, if this truly is the path I should take

If only I could just believe in myself

I’ll be able to make all my dreams slowly come true this very moment

I just can’t seem to finish all the things I’ve started

I got to do some things I’ve always dreamed of doing my whole life

But, I seem to just leave things undone

I have the support of my friends

Who truly believe in me…?

That I can do everything I’ve ever wanted to do for the rest of my life

I have got plans for my future

Just don’t know if I can make it or not

All I’ve been doing is waiting for a miracle for all this to slowly unfold

Waiting for my future to slowly take place and unfold before my very eyes

When I know, I’m the only one truly capable of making my own dreams and memories for myself

All I need is the some inspiration, motivation, and desire

To be able to make all my dreams come true one day

Someday and somehow, I’ll look back on this very day

Without any regrets I realized…

I was the one who can make my own memories and dreams come to life

I’ve learned that everything in life happens to us for a reason

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