Forgive Me

What did I do wrong?

To cause you to hate me so

That when you see me

Simply, you just walk away from me

I can see in your eyes and

The look on your face

The hatred you have for me

*I’m sorry that I’m not…

What you expected me to be

I tried my best to understand you and…

Be a friend to you

I put a lot of effort in my part

Of what you expected me to do

**Forgive me

For all the pain, I might have caused you

I’m really sorry

If I hurt your feelings

I didn’t mean for things to turn out the way it did

All I wanted…

Was for you to see…

How I’ve felt lately on our friendship

Somewhere in the end

I realized that this friendship

Couldn’t last any longer

That it already has

You said it yourself

“You’ve got a good reason to hate me”

You wrote to me in the letter you gave me…

Telling me that you’d understand if I just spoke up

I thought you had understand how I’ve felt

Was that all a simple lie?

I never hated you

I just didn’t want to hurt anymore

That I already have

Thought we’d both knew…

That this was going to be a short-lived bond ‘tween us

Forgive me

For all the hurt I’ve caused you

Someday, we both knew that…

Nothing never really works out

I didn’t speak up on how I felt…

I got what I deserved…

I’ve learned

That nothing ever works out…

If I don’t speak up

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