An Idiot...

I’m an idiot

Don’t listen to me

My mind’s all twisted and messed up all the time!

No, seriously, it is

Except when I’m not depressed

If you can’t stand me

Now, you know why

I’m an idiot

That doesn’t know any better

I haven’t learned yet

I’m just as lost as everyone is

One too many times

I’ve come to realize

I have let and put myself down

All those times, I didn’t believe

Were spent in solitary-confinement

For that, reality sets in

I soon take note of the gloom around me

I can’t find my way through all this

Life takes its toll and me?

I’m left behind in the shadows of everyone and thing

I just can’t seem to discover my confidence today or any other date

What’s the point of being known?

If I’m an unseen force to everyone

I am overlooked too many times

I am within their presence

Standing there in that dark, mysterious, and lonesome corner

I get ignored by everyone and thing

An outsider, loser, reject, and ghost is all I am to them

They treat me differently here

More than any other places, I’ve been to

This is more than I can handle

I don’t care

For once, I can see right through them

My eyes grasp truth

Slowly, it takes in time

The life I have come to realize

As my own

Veracity rushes into me

It speaks of realism

Tick, tock

Gradually, existence drains away from era

Only turning into days

Additionally, it revolutionizes overtime into years

Wakeful days alters into sinister nights

Mysterious outcomes transforms into mystical quests

Spiritual pursuits varies into murky bewilderment

Certainty converts into vanished light and misplaced optimism

Eternally mislaid will be everything I am yearning to have in my opinion

A verve on its own, is one I desire

Perpetually, will all this ever cease to an end?

Will I ever stumble on what I have been penetrating for all I have been living?

Most importantly, will I ever seem to come across what I don’t yet have in for my part?

Journey through all this, I can make a difference

Living and learning, I am capable of renewing and rediscovering my true self

I am able to unearth what I have been incisive on

Finding the radiance at the end of those endless, dim, and supernatural nights

I won’t uncover myself gone in the reverie of dusk

Disturbed days and hours of darkness will all be ceaselessly forgotten?

No more, must I endure this pain any longer?

Will I suffocate longer than expected?

An end to those who neglected us

Down with those days, we didn’t deem ourselves and one another

Deaths to...will any of us feel like we’ve lost all hope and illumination?

Put an end to the corridor of perplexity

For now, all we can do

Is look forward to hit upon what we all have been probing for?

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