Band Lyrics

Verse 1:

I keep telling myself

That you are my everything.

But how do you know me so well?

I've been fighting this life 

For so long.

I cannot remember love.



Can anybody hear me?

Is anyone listening?

Is anyone there?

The silence is deafening.

Can't you show me, love?

Can't you show me your heart?


Verse 2:

Am I the one for you?

I cannot remember 

when this love began.

All I can tell you

is I'm falling for you.

I'm falling in love

with everything about you.



I want to keep you safe.

If only you'd carry me away.

I want to believe in you

If only you"d do the same.

It's hard to sleep 

with broken wings.





Author's Notes/Comments: 

love song

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