Home Part 2

Verse 1:

Whenever we're together,

I can feel your spirit

Lost in a crowded room.

'Cause you have my spirit,

I can do anything.

I can go through anything. 

If only, just for you.



I get lost wherever you go,

I am lost in you.

Watch the everlasting scenes

Unfold before my eyes.

'Cause I feel like breathing underwater,

Our breaths mingle in the air

As we embrace each other.


Verse 2:

Wherever you will go,

I will go there too.

Caught up on you,

Lost in you,

You have my spirit.



No one knows your story

Better than anyone else

Like I do.

'Cause home is

Whenever and wherever we're together.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Part 2 of "Home" inspired by my "Dream Guy" aka my crush.