Verse 1:

In my head,

You are my reason.

You are my everything

For life and more.



We're pieces of a puzzle 

That are connected to each other.

No matter where we go,

It'll always be together.

Always here with you.

'Cause in my life,

You need to be.


Verse 2:

You gave me a reason to live.

A chance to make it right.

Am I wrong for loving you?

'Cause I'm falling

Falling hard for you.



The scales from my eyes

Have been removed

Since you came into my life.

A jolt to the heart,

To desperately make it beat again.

'Cause my heart beats only for you.



Author's Notes/Comments: 

Inspired by the EDM song: "Reason" by Nervo , Hook N' Sling