Wounded Hearts



These wounds that you carry:
Unseen, unheard, unattentive
You yearn for understanding
But cannot find it anywhere.



Dejected in your seat,
Scanning the room,
In search for a friend.



Where have your friends gone?
Have they disappeared?
An aching and wounded heart
Which yearns for love:
You wander through the darkness.



Search through the empty spaces
You immerse yourself in them
Daily devoted, daily
In communion with God.



A light sparks.
The sky lights up with fireworks.
Let us wish upon a star.



Take my hand and
I'll guide you through dante's infereno.
Begin anew.
New beginnings arise.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this song back in 2010 for a friend. I have more songs written but those are all scattered on notepads (have these at home with me) and flashdrives (which I accidentially gave to my friend(s)). It's about new beginnings and being dragged to hell and back for everything we've both endured.